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Take Back Your Health

We envision a world where you are empowered to reclaim ownership of your health.

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Redeem Therapeutics is now officially open for business, offering up some of the most consistent and robust CBD oil around. As an invite to try our oils, we've lowered our CBD prices to around half their normal cost. This is your chance to take back your health while helping a small business reach new heights. Check out our product bundles and let the adventure begin!

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Your are meant to thrive.

But your body doesn't work like it should. 


CBD can help to restore the order.

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Possible solutions are everywhere.

Making a choice can be daunting.

We're here to help.

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Optimal Spectrum


Good Manufacturing Practice

3 Simple Questions

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What's your problem?

This is your reason for taking CBD. Defining your goals will allow you to translate your efforts into success.

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What's your product?

Different problems call for different solutions. Not sure which product can get you where you want to go? Send us a message and we'll help!

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What's your plan?

It's time to execute. Results hinge upon consistent use and adjusting to feedback from your body. Want some help? Check out our dosage tracker.


Optimal Spectrum CBD Oil

Choose your weapon.

250mg of CBD

Full Strength

This oil has it all. 

Hemp-based CBD, paired with additional cannabinoids and the power of terpenes. An excellent place to begin your redemptive journey.

750mg of CBD

Extra Strength

This one has it all, too. Just more of it.

Extra Strength follows the same Redeem recipe, but with greater potency.  If you need radical results, this oil can deliver.

1500mg of CBD

Maximum Strength

This solution is the best value in terms of CBD per dollar.  

With a whopping 1500 milligrams of CBD, Maximum Strength is the boss of this CBD oil family.


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A CBD skeptic, huh?


Well... maybe you should be.

CBD doesn't always work like it could.

We have certainly found this to be true.

There are factors that will render your CBD ineffective. But is CBD a snake oil? Read this article before you make up your mind.


The mission of Redeem is to provide a natural alternative to prescription synthetic drugs. This vision stems from a belief that remedies ought to be organic. Our products are crafted to restore your body's natural ability to heal itself.
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Optimal Spectrum

These days CBD is offered in quite a few forms. Pure CBD isolate is marketed for its potent concentrations. Full Spectrum extracts are touted as the most natural of cannabidiol solutions. Yet neither fully leverage the scientific phenomenon known as the “Entourage Effect”, where cannabinoids and terpenes work together in synergy for a therapeutic advantage.

In contrast, Optimal Spectrum solutions are intentionally crafted to achieve this “Entourage Effect”. The key is the precise balancing of naturally occurring chemical compounds found in the hemp plant. When concentrations fall short of standards due to variance from plant to plant, we add natural cannabinoids and terpenes back to the solution. This marriage of nature and science allows for a consistent, robust, and safe CBD product.

Pharmaceutical Prescription
Nature's Prescription

While over-prescription of pharmaceuticals is the reason that Redeem was founded, we acknowledge that the pharmaceutical industry does get a lot right. Their rigorous testing, cleanliness controls, and product traceability are qualities that we are committed to replicate. Our strict adherence to the GMP standards of the pharmaceutical industry is how we can guarantee a product that is both natural and exceptionally consistent.

This sentiment is not shared among all CBD companies, though. As CBD production remains largely unregulated, there are plenty of shortcuts to take and plenty that choose to take them. But our approach will remain the same: be truthful and transparent about our process so that you can take your CBD oil with confidence.   

"Truth and Transparency" Article
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